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If you are looking for the Dawn coupons which are printable for 2013, then go to // They have a complete listing of sites where you can get these money saving coupons. Since Dawn is one of the better dish soaps on the market, you can save a lot of money with these coupons. These Dawn coupons which are printable are yours free to print out.

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Dawn is an excellent dish soap and has been available since 1973. Since that time, millions of women all across the nation have found this to be excellent for removing dried on food from dishes and glassware without leaving streaks. It rinses completely clean and doesn’t leave a greasy film on your dishes.

In fact, Dawn is used by environmentalists to remove black oil from birds who are caught in the aftermath of oil spills. This is important because oil penetrates the structure of a bird’s feathers and the fur of aquatic mammals such as seals. This is a death sentence for these animals because it reduces their ability to float in and on top of the water. And it takes a gentle yet effective soap to remove these oil deposits. Dawn dish soap is the perfect cleaning solution since it surrounds the oil and removes it. Anytime you buy Dawn dish soap that has the little animal on the label, you just go online to the donation activation page located on the Dawn website. Enter the special donation code and a dollar will be donated to wildlife rescue centers. So you will not only save money with the Dawn coupons, you can actually help save animals and birds as well.

The amount of the Dawn coupon will vary from site to site but most are worth 50 cents off of your next purchase of Dawn dish soap. This is quite a savings, especially for those of us who use this product a lot. But Dawn has even more uses than just dishwashing or removing oil deposits from aquatic wildlife. It is also used by many to remove fleas from their house and dogs. When it is mixed with white vinegar in a small bowl, it kills black gnats in the home. This is much cheaper than buying an insecticide and much safer as well.

Of course, most people love a good bargain and, even though Dawn does have a very reasonable price, it is always good to save money any time that you can. So these Dawn coupons which are should be used as often as possible. Of course, as with any coupon, always make sure that the expiration date is still good or the coupon will be invalid.

Many people are surprised to learn that Dawn dish soap isn’t just good for removing greasy messes from their dishes but they can also use Dawn dish soap to remove fleas from their pets as well. This is only for removing adult fleas but does nothing for flea eggs. For that, you will need a flea egg removal product. However, if you use Dawn dish soap to remove fleas from your pets early enough, it will help a lot to end their discomfort and itching.

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Fleas can be very hard to get rid of on your pets. While there are many of the more conventional flea removal products, Dawn is much gentler to use and a lot of people are allergic to the other flea removal products. Although not one hundred percent effective, it will help remove most of the adult fleas. The fleas will drown trying to escape the soap while some will simply be smothered in the soap itself.

First, start off by wetting the dog with warm water. When you start to apply the Dawn dish soap for flea removal, start with the ears and the scalp, but be careful not to get the soap in the dog’s eyes, ears or nose. Then gently work down the body of the dog being sure to lather well. Once the dog is completely covered with the soapy suds, let it sets for a few minutes to kill the fleas. Rinse the dog’s body completely then dry the dog very well. Examine the dog closely to see if any fleas are left behind and remove those gently with a pair of tweezers.

If the fleas have left bare spots on the skin these will be from the dog scratching and a medicated cream from your vet will be needed to prevent infection to the wounds. These are the proper steps for using Dawn dish soap for fleas. You can also use the Dawn to get rid of fleas in your home as well.

In spite of the fact that Dawn is a gentle soap, it may still irritate your dog’s skin. This is why when you do use Dawn dish soap for fleas you must use it in very small amounts. Use only enough to form a really good lather. For this same reason, do not give your dog a bath with Dawn very often or you will have to also buy a cream for the skin irritation that can be caused by overuse.

The use of Dawn dish soap for fleas is gaining a lot of popularity because of the expense of chemical flea removal products. And pet owners are looking for something less harsh on the pet’s skin. Just remember not to use very much or very often. You want to help your pet not make it more miserable. When used correctly, Dawn dish soap for fleas works very well.