How Good Is Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

If you don’t currently use Dawn dishwashing liquid, then you are probably wondering if it works or not as well as the ads claim it does. Dawn was originally made as a degreaser for engines but it didn’t work as quickly as chemical degreasers which were available. Proctor and Gamble bought it in 1973 and Dawn dishwashing liquid was introduced to the market and became an immediate hit with housewives.

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Dawn is made with plant and vegetable extracts in a specific order and blended for a specific amount of time. It has surfactant molecules which activate in water, surrounding oil and suspending it in water. This is what sets Dawn apart from other dish soaps.

Dawn dishwashing liquid is also used to remove oil deposits from birds who have become victims of oil spills. These birds are gathered by conservationists who then gently wash the birds in Dawn. Removing this black goo from the bird’s feathers saves their lives because the oil soaks into the feathers and reduces the bird’s ability to float in the water. In fact, it works so well that when one of these oil spills happen, Dawn sends plenty of contributions and supplies so that the birds can be saved.

Dawn dishwashing liquid is also very good at removing fleas from the home and your dog. However, it should be mentioned that your dog should not be bathed frequently in Dawn as it will dry the dog’s skin. Moderation is the keyword here.

When you use Dawn dishwashing liquid, you are using one of the best products made that gives you dishes that sparkle. You also save money with this dish soap because you can wash tons of dishes without having to change the water. There is no greasy residue after you wash your dishes with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Plus there are so many different formulas of Dawn that you might want to try one of each.

Some of the Dawn dishwashing liquid formulas are just different scents, some contain bleach and some contain aloe or Olay to soften your hands. Try one of each and see which ones are your favorites. All of the Dawn formulas clean just as effectively as the original does.

Dawn dishwashing liquid is also very good for removing oily stains from fabrics too. Use it to pretreat spots before washing them and you will see that it works wonderfully. Just another good point about a terrific product.

So, there you have it. Dawn does an outstanding job on your dishes, fabrics, pets and aquatic birds who have been caught in oil spills. No other product outperforms Dawn Dishwashing liquid. This product has made life so much simpler for the American housewife. It saves both time and money for consumers who are on the go and don’t have time to wait for baked on grease to soak off of dishes. Dawn works quickly.

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